Wa Meets haute couture

Sur la Seine Stole Vest Brings Specials Closer To You

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  • "I always get compliments when I wear it. I'm aiming for the second one lol."

    Female in her 30s NS

  • "It's a simple design, but it's gorgeous when you wear it! I wonder if it's a technique of haute couture."

    Female HR in her 50s

  • "I love kimonos and want to wear them every day, but it's difficult, so this stole makes me feel like I'm wearing a kimono."

    Female SY in her 50s

  • “I like stoles and scarves and collect them, but this stole vest is exceptional.

    Female in her 40s KE

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Brighten up your simple fashion

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  • From December 3rd to 4th, Stall Best opened at "National Regional Revitalization Expert / Master Summit in Ota"

  • Improve your luck with a strawberry-patterned stole in the beginning of the season!

  • For weddings and invitation scenes. A stole vest that makes everyday wear formal.

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Arrange infinitely with one piece

  • 1. Style to simply enjoy the drape through the arm

  • 2. Change the top and bottom to make the length shorter

  • 3. Pass the tip of the collar through the armhole on the opposite side and tie it.

  • 4. Dress 3 in shorts. Place the tip of the collar on the shoulder like a flower petal without passing it through the armhole.

  • 5. Tie it at the shoulders as a shawl.

  • 6. Change the fabric to the back. I wear it from the front.

  • 7. Tie the tip of the collar small in front and put the rest of the fabric in the back. It looks like a hood and creates a casual and cute atmosphere.

  • 8. Keep your neck warm by simply wrapping it around your neck

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Also for kimono

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