Improve your luck with a strawberry-patterned stole in the beginning of the season!

Strawberry-patterned stole vests have arrived.

It seems that the flower language of strawberries includes respect and affection , a happy family , and foresight . Also feng shui It is also said to be useful for fortune, encounters, romance, and connections with people .

color is

Kamenozoki: Light blue

Ruriiro: Saeta blue

Peony: Three colors of shocking pink are available.

At first glance, it looks like a difficult pattern, but the color is easy to match and the pattern is not overly overstated, so you can wear it as a focal point of your outfit without being too conscious of it.

As a recommended coordination, by wearing it with denim or a simple shirt, you can incorporate the sweetness and individuality of the strawberry pattern in a well-balanced manner.

For example, how about incorporating it into the coordination below?


Please get lucky by incorporating the strawberry pattern into your daily outfit.

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