From December 3rd to 4th, Stall Best opened at "National Regional Revitalization Expert / Master Summit in Ota"

It has been decided that Sur la Seine's stole vest will open a store at the "National Regional Revitalization Master / Master Summit in Ota"!

The “Regional Revitalization Master/Master Summit” is an event that rediscovers regional masters and masters, sheds light on their efforts, and deepens new possibilities for town revitalization.

At the product sales corner of the event, you can purchase masterpieces filled with the pride and commitment of Ota City. We are planning to prepare new colors and patterns for stole vests in addition to those sold online. Please drop in if you are looking for a special Christmas gift that is different from others.

In addition, at events, there are opportunities to interact with local people, such as town walking tours, manufacturing site visits, and exchange meetings.

I think it will be a fun event for everyone who loves their hometown!

Date: Saturday, December 3, 2022, 13:30-19:30
December 4 (Sun) 12:30-16:00

Location: Ota Ward Industrial Plaza PiO (3 minutes walk from Keikyu Kamata Station)

Event link:

Event flyer:

*Advance registration is required to participate.

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