Sur la Seine(シュール ラ セーヌ)の「ストールベスト」で瞬時に春っぽい装いに

Sur la Seine Stole Vest for an instant spring look

In this season when the days are still chilly, it tends to be gray and black.

But spring is just around the corner! I want to wear beautiful colors soon.

Gray and black are colors that make you look good, but they don't look good in photos. . .

Even though it's a great outing, when you look at the photos later, it's all in monotone and it doesn't look good, isn't it boring?

Colorful clothes are difficult to mix and match, but just by adding colorful accessories, you can instantly complete a photogenic outfit.

Sur la Seine's "stole vest" can be folded compactly, so you can put it in your bag for a short outing without adding bulk.

It is water-repellent and does not wrinkle easily, so it is stress-free to clean and you can use it a lot without worrying about it.

How about wearing it on your next outing?

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