Yasuko Miyake Yasuko Miyake (Atelier Yasuko)

Invented the "stole vest" from the desire to have her mother wear something nice while taking care of her. It looks elegant just by putting it on, and it is carefully designed so that it does not get in the way. Combining the tradition of simply wearing Japanese clothes with the techniques of haute couture, we have created items that are easy to match with any fashion.

  • 1996 Graduated from Paris Haute Couture Association Dressmaking School
  • Diploma Acquisition (Qualification Certificate)
  • Trained at NINA RICCI, then worked. Responsible for draping and sewing.
  • Trained at LEONARD, then worked at a textile office and was in charge of fabric design.
  • Interpreter and assistant to the President of M.OF (Best Craftsman of France)
  • 1997 Acquisition of Certificate of Completion of Technician Special Course (Cocktail dress, evening dress, wedding dress draping and style drawing)
  • 2014 Established Atelier Yasuko
  • 2016 Acquired patent for "Stole Vest" (Patent No. 5945033)
  • 2019 Selected as "Stole Best" in Ota City Souvenir Selection 100