About us

Yazuko Miyake, who was active in Nina Ricci in Paris, devised it for Japanese women.

"Stole Vest" by Sur la Seine
At first glance, the design is simple, but it contains the essence of haute couture. Just by putting it on, you can create a beautiful drape. This is because it is made with patented technology.

The fabric is traditional Japanese Banshu weave.

It is water-repellent and does not get dirty easily, but it still has good breathability.

We use high-quality fabric that has won the Prime Minister's Award at the 1st "Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award".

In addition, the sewing is handmade in Japan, and it is a purely domestic product.

We want to deliver truly beautiful things to Japanese women.
I would like to deliver it to you, a foreigner who loves Japan.