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Sur la Seine

Plain Indigo x Zebra Pattern

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Plain x Zebra Pattern Indigo

Indigo is a calm blue (indigo) color like denim .

With a white zebra patterned mask You can enjoy two different expressions with two pieces .

About the plain collection

We have added a solid color that is easy to match to the collection.

The zebra-patterned side uses the Banshu weave technique to allow light to pass through and the color on the other side to be seen through, so the exquisite color that is not pure white will gracefully charm your expression.

The stole vest of Sur la Seine looks simple at first glance, but it contains the essence of haute couture.

If you wear a regular stole or scarf, your silhouette will collapse without you noticing it.
The "stall vest" will not slip off even when you move, and you can create a naturally beautiful silhouette no matter how rough you put it on.

The reason is that it is made with patented technology submitted in a 14-page application.

The fabric is traditional Japanese Banshu weave.
We use high-quality fabric that has won the Prime Minister's Award at the 1st "Monodzukuri Nippon Grand Award".

Furthermore, the sewing is handmade in Japan, and it is a purely domestic product.

It can be worn with any kind of fashion, whether it is clothes or Japanese clothes, so why not enjoy wearing it with your unique personality?


100% cotton

Care instructions

Machine washable. (Put it in the net and separate it from other things.)

It is water repellent and stain resistant, so we recommend washing it only if you are concerned about it getting dirty.

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