For weddings and invitation scenes. A stole vest that makes everyday wear formal.

It's been a long time since I've been invited to a wedding ceremony, and I think there are many people who wonder what to wear.

I took an old dress out of my closet and tried it on, but it didn't suit me or the size didn't fit. .

It's a waste to buy a new dress that you'll only wear once or twice. . .

In fact, if you slightly arrange the clothes that you usually wear (a lot), you can create a coordinate that can be worn enough for a wedding.

This time, I would like to introduce 3 ways of coordinating with such items.

Item 1: Black design top (blouse)

A black blouse with a design on the sleeves and collar has a strong presence on its own and goes well with various bottoms, so you can use it a lot on a regular basis.

I usually wear it with colored pants or denim, but for a wedding, I pair it with black pants for a set-up look. If all black gives a heavy impression, add a stole vest to add glamor.

Item 2: Polyester dress

The polyester dress is easy to care for and can be worn in all three seasons except midsummer, making it a very convenient item to have.

When it's still warm, you can wear it alone, and when it gets cold, you can wear a thin turtleneck underneath or a knitted cardigan over it.

This time of year, I usually wear work boots and cardigans that are a little hard on my feet.

For weddings, wear a plain stole vest to tighten it up. With a regular stole, the shape will be loose, but with the stole vest, you can easily create a beautiful shape and drape without worrying about it falling apart.

Item 3: Navy wool dress

I think navy is a magical color that makes anyone look elegant.

Having a navy dress is convenient because you can wear it for short outings, school events, and the office.

This is from nearly 10 years ago, but depending on how you put it together, you can still wear it without getting tired of it.

Casually wear a compact denim jacket or leather jacket and flat shoes. At a wedding, you can put on a stole vest for a great look.

There is also a video, so I would be happy if you could refer to it

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